Everyone can have a meaningful life filled with wellbeing and purpose.


I am a catalyst for individuals in creating lives of authenticity, wellbeing and meaning. By supporting you in feeling more connected to yourself, we will work together to create an increased sense of wellbeing and satisfaction with life, relationships and work.


Through deep connection to your internal process, we will together cultivate ways to open channels that bypass self-limiting behaviors so you can function more effortlessly in life. Going deeper into the what and how of your personal experience and moving though past trauma and hurts to heal on a more profound level. Thus allowing you to move into the next phase of your life with a clearer sense of connection to yourself and those in your life. Purposefully engaging with yourself, your life and others with intention and clarity, fully integrating all the parts of who you are.



Embarking on a journey of self-exploration can be a big step. I welcome the opportunity to talk to you in person about what you need and what I can provide. Please feel free to contact me for a free phone consultation.


I employ Marriage and Family Therapy Associates in my practice to accommodate clients that are drawn to my practice, but may not be able to afford my fee. I am happy to discuss or refer you to my current associate, Dana Bloch, AMFT. You will find her professional information here on my website.

from a client....

"The butterfly so represents the metamorphic journey I have been on with you by my side. Your unwavering guidance and support have been instumental in my motivation, progress and evolution from crawling to spreading my wings in joyful flight." Nov. 2015

Due to marriage, I recently changed by name from Julie H Baker to Julie Baker Chouteau

Marin Medical Center 

711 D Street, Suite 208

San Rafael, California    94901



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